2020 MacBook Air vs 2019 13” Pro – Best Budget MacBook?

With a Quad-Core i5 and new keyboard is the 2020 Air now the best MacBook for most?
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Apple’s 2020 13″ MacBook Air has just been released, and it offers a pretty impressive value for the cash!

It’s actually $100 cheaper this year while having double the storage!

And for $100 more, you can upgrade to a quad-core i5 processor which packs a decent amount of performance.

We’re going to compare basically everything about the new Air to the base $1300 13″ MacBook Pro from last year.

They’re both packing quad-core processors, but there may be a better cooling system on the Pro. Watch this video to find out!

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  • Check out our 2020 MacBook Air Buyer's Guide ➡ https://youtu.be/C0dPQ1aRaO0
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    Max Tech 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • I can’t find the link to the video editing tests you did on the 2020 Mac book air 🙁

    White Hot Chocolate 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • I'm gonna sub cuz good job.

    Ike 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Good comparison, my suggestion will be to add other performance test perspective. For me i want to know how the performance will be for programming. Thanks for the vid, hello from Malaysia 👍

    eizs an 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • because I have OCD, I love the MacBook Pro square look and not the air look 😂

    BlixDr 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Macbook Pro 2015 13" vs Macbook Air 2020?

    Beresford Salmon 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Does it mean you can have Mac Air 2020 for dj_ing ? Smoothly?

    Nico Mostodon 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Basically Apple utilised the Macbook Air to become great in light tasks, whereas the Pro will have the ability to do heavy tasks. Smart move

    Azarif Abdul Aziz 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Me sitting here waiting for my mbp 16” to be delivered to my house that I ordered months ago: 👁👄👁

    Paige Valentine 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Wish people would do benchmarks with the laptop plugged in

    S/V Lusca 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Watching this on my 2018 13inch MBP with a messed up T key

    MIDNightPT4 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • 13:30 minutes in you are I think getting confused, you state MacBook Pro slower yet yin say it’s rendered more.

    Jamie Coats 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • 超级期待这一期CPU性能差太远还是想等2020款MBP14

    jiyong Kwon 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Overall, which one would you recommend for gaming? (I am well aware Macbooks are not for gaming but I plan on doing light 1080p video editing using iMovie and playing simpler games with not too crazy graphics.)

    DaPro_Skillz 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • I'd get an Acer Helios 300 instead for the same prices.

    Dolphinasd Gaming 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • That Air is definitely a beautiful machine, but I'm.an hard-core Pro man myself. 🦾

    DE M 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Is 16 Gb RAM worth an extra 200 bucks on the MacBook Air? Especially since the RAM is much faster compared to the older models. I have a 2016 13 inch MacBook Pro and may want to “upgrade” to this.

    JR Richards 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • it's feel weird, in Luke Miani's video he sayid 2020 MacBook Air speaker sound amazing and i can tell it's even better than 2019 13" MacBook Pro and of course 16" MacBook Pro is the best speaker on Apple notebook.

    President Asyraaf Abd Aziz 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • Since no one comments on the aluminum unibody that's been used by Apple for a decade, does this mean there's no other ideal material for laptops anymore? Are we consigned to aluminum forever? I did some research too and it turns out aluminum is best for controlling heat.

    denniszenanywhere 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • I literally just googled this question and later went back to YouTube and found your video. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks!!!!!

    DaPro_Skillz 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • This is how to make laptop with better hardware and worse performance. Good job apple

    BisPlz 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • For video the MacBook Pro is slower??

    Artwerk Media 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • There's no such thing as a budget or economic apple product.

    M0rshu64 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply
  • The cpu performance itself is excellent for the 2020 MacBook Air, but Apple intentionally limited the heat management, leaving the gap with the MacBook Pro lineup.

    axiom 25/03/2020 08:04 Reply

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