4 Odd Things about Japanese Husbands ダーリンは日本人

Four of our similarities when it came to dating and marrying Japanese men! Obviously this is just us, so it’s really just a video for fun. 🙂 Don’t take it too seriously!

Boy’s version:
Grace and Ryosuke:

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  • alternate title: two american girls being american girls and talk about their japanese husbands being japanese boys

    Aaron Hale 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Grace, your hair wants to curl🤩

    Sleep Walker 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I love the 'whats wrong with YOU' thing, both guys were so sweet about it. but yeah even in a same nationality relationship there can be mis communication, at least you 4 can use humour

    deb brown 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I agree with the whole “feet are dirty” thing. But for me it’s not about grossness, more so I find it disrespectful. Like if a person, close or not, put their feet on me or touch me with their feet I get so offended. Can’t really explain why.

    Jenny Hernandez 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I think @fanny vo made the original comment but I need to make the point that they should cosplay as Asuna and kirito from sword art online

    Guinea kitty 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • ryosuke bro, seems like u don't have a say in ur relationship didn't utter a single word. wow

    ANIL MOGHE 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I'm 6 months in a relationship with my japanese bf and all my friends already know about it. but none of his knows my name?? I was pretty pissed i thought it was a "he" thing till i watched the video and turns out it was a cultural thing. I was like "why didnt you say anything to them? Am i ugly?" He was like "noooo nooo i just dont feel the need to tell them", I'm asian too but indonesians are pretty open w it.

    ren 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I miss these two so much 🙁 I hope they're doing well!

    RealDream112 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • m neither Japanese nor American n i still like the Japanese side bettter

    khushboo sirova 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I miss Texan in Tokyo😯

    Nicky Suwan 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Now I see why it is Said that women talk too much and men talk less.two girls having the best time gossiping whereas their poor husband sitting and thinking ,"when will it end?? I want to go home and sleep."

    Nazmul Hasan 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • These 2 couples are so adorable.

    Penny Northcutt 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I got a question for you. So my wife keep telling that I am no good. I have 2 engineering degrees, I am good with my hands, I started multiple businesses, self made millionaire but my wife still telling me that I am no good. It all started after we got married. Do you tell your boyfriend that he is no good????? What are you trying to tell him? I am trying to figured out what she is trying to tell me.

    reef1963 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Dinner and a movie is a thing and so is being insecure and over reacting.
    Eating lunch with another girl is eating lunch, not an affair.

    Deanne Bass 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I’m American and I hate it when people walk around the house with shoes on, it is so gross and I find it to be rude. Especially when guests come over and they don’t even consider how hard you work to keep the house clean.

    HakunaMatata 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Very cute but is your friend man bi?

    Danielle Bridgeman 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • This is weird because Japanese men in America have no manners. Lol every doctors appointment I got to, there a Japanese man with his dirty feet on the chairs and flip flops on the floor

    marikie marie 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Ugly couple why u like white girl? They might have a lots of husband you didn’t know about it. Be careful. They why I don’t like white I hate. Cheating

    Kota Ka 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I was wondering why they looked so familiar. It's a shame that Texan In Tokyo is dead now.

    T N Meem 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • When the vedio published
    That the time i was in class 8🤣🤣

    afsana mimi 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Respect obey hardwork privacy

    Erdem Kaya 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • This is just a roasting video😂

    Ellis Love 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Grace. Stop saying LIKE a thousand times in a sentence!!! Work on it!! So annoying

    Terri Troutner 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I just saw this clip today for the 1st time….. I am a foot specialist it's what I do for a living and I think it's a great idea that they have to wash the feet before going to bed, I think it's a really smart idea….. When I wash my feet before going to bed it actually gives me a lift in energy and it "gives clarity" because we sweat out toxins through our feet every day all day even when wearing socks it doesn't matter….

    leo bonita 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I miss those guys,and I hope there doing good. hope they had children like they wanted

    angela fields 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I’m American but I’m with the guys on this one: feet are disgusting.

    Fur in the Ink - Mary R 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • This seems so long ago. I used to follow Texan In Tokyo until they closed their channel down 3 years ago. I hope they are doing well.

    Krystal Keahey 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Jun: "Sorry." You've got what you need to succeed, Lad. 🙂

    hughesplanner 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I wanna hear the guy's side of the story now.

    Genesis Titanium 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Feet on a pillow?!? Stop the madness!! Lol my dad's Chinese but my mom isn't…I get it!

    Lydia Jacobs 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • His face wasn't fully convincing that he didn't know the American girls might be hitting on him. 🤣

    L 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Japan, land of the repressed.

    L 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Rewatching just to see Grace and Ryosuke again. I miss their videos!

    kayteeflick 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Where's the guy's version?

    Genda Minoru 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Ryousuke was ssoooooo cute omg 😂

    Fatwa Nandali S 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • In Japan a married man would think nothing of going out to dinner with a woman he just met? In no other country would a wife be OK with this.

    Maria Smith 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Honestly though, I can't blame them. I'm like that too.

    Alec Gerhardt 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Sounds like Jun has been housetrained

    Morten U. 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • German 🤚🏼 and I don’t like feet’s on my pillow either 🤢

    Andrea grey 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I agree with feet cleanliness before getting into bed and I'm an American gal, as well.

    Lol! And I don't actually tell my family or friends I'm dating until after a few weeks/months.

    😅 I guess I need to go to Japan sometime. Maybe I'll find Mr. Right there.

    ちょっとした恋 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • hello from late 2019. jun ages like wine

    oxygala 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I thought that Rachel and Jun kept their relationship a secret for a while too? Because RAs weren't supposed to date the students and Jun was an RA and Rachel was a student😅

    Tan Kequn 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Ryoske is exactly like Jason from the good place 🤣🤣

    capitano moe 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • #4 seems tough

    달Cynthia 킨티아 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Jun look so different here???

    rabbit white 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • All I'm hearing is, American girls trying to confirm their Japanese men into snowflake emasculated American men. Sorry girls

    MR Now 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • Human feet in the bed are a problem… but cat feet on the counter are fine? K.

    (It's really sad that simply being nice & showing interest/respect is misconstrued as flirting to Americans.)

    WhatAWorld 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • grace looks like.. courtney act?

    Christie Ko 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply
  • I'm English, but I hate dirty feet a lot too

    FlameBlood 22/05/2020 13:49 Reply

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