Bratty king Lee Min-ho and tough detective Kim Go-eun | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 2 [ENG SUB]

How do you interrogate a suspicious person who claims to be a king from another world? With a healthy dose of skepticism, some creative name-calling, and a whole lot of patience. Nice try getting her to call you oppa though, Mr. Kim Dog Poop.

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  • I can’t wait for Friday!! It’s definitely a new favorite of mine 🥰

    Ali R 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • When i search on netflix i dont see. It

    irielou408 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Any comment about that initial interview in episode 1 where the uncle of the king is being interviewed. It seems to be happening years after he killed the king's father… and it seems that he killed again or at least tried…

    Zul Thor 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • When the kiss scene will be show?

    Siti Nurbaya 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • When will this one be available on Netflix ??? 😭😭😭 Tired to wait

    Myriam AMANI 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • i need a compte netflix plz 😭😭😭😭

    rh mer 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • i fell in love with this man when i was 13 in BOF and in love with him again at 24… life comes at you fast

    Lina Ramirez 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • I don't like Lee MinHo all that much, but I do love Kim GoEun and I saw Woo DoHwan in the OST also. I think I'll have to give it a shot.

    pqgmama 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • I love idol Lee Min Ho so much… that no matter what's going on with his royal comeback movie.. he is still the best and most handsome king ever… but hopefully… still waiting for The Heirs "part 2…someday.. my very favorite movie and my most love couple.. idol Lee Min Ho and princess park shin hye 🙏🙏🙏👑👑👑💖💕♥️😘💜🌹💗👍👍👍💚💎🔹♦️💙💐🌸💞❤️👌👌

    Evelyn Boroy 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Omg I cant wait for this drama to be complete so I can binge it

    Qissy PRESEA 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Why does it have to be her of all the actresses 😒😒

    Jewel Seng 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • || Short story of my life watching these Kdramas ||

    These type of kdramas start out really good, make you crave for new episodes, make you lose tears in sadness, laugh in happiness, tear your hairs in frustration, but almost everytime in the middle, something goes wrong, the story either changes its direction, or becomes nonsense and ridiculous, making us all wonder why we even started the drama.

    At some point, it becomes dragging till the ending happens, and it feels like its forced, its fast, its incomplete, its unexplained open ending, its totally out of the world but then you realize this is the only end that Kdrama can offer and its up to you if you accept it or not.

    And then, either you suffer from second lead syndrome, or from the injustice you felt towards the more nicer male lead who didn't get chosen, or the withdrawal syndrome which makes you search every other drama in the Internet that is just like the one you completed!

    Or good, if you like the actor/actress, you go and marathon all his/her dramas!

    Or if you're like me, you go to asianwiki my drama list to read comments and reviews about drama you just watched.

    Of course, exceptions exist, there're kdramas which made me think otherwise and I'm happy, because of those few precious gems, I still trust these new comers drama.

    Rahul Mishra 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • cuteee

    Joanne Bernadine Garde 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • From now on, I only love Friday and Saturday nights🙆💖💖💖

    nguyen thao 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Where do you guys watch this on I can't watch it tho…….

    Talk Time With Alien 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Lolll. The title of this vid. Bratty LMH 😂

    babygurlcha 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • I'll be honest 💁 I ain't feelin it.
    1) she doesn't give cop vibes 2) the chemistry doesn't have a spark like goblin or hwayugi 3) still gonna watch it because the other characters are interesting 😝

    solo ist 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • This scene is epic….

    Ngaimuan Sang 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • In this world lee min ho died at young age and his family is poor..while in the other wolrd where he became king he supposed to be died but the leading lady save him thats is why he is alive and became king..
    My conclusion is Lee min is supposedley dead either he becomes king or ordinary person he still needs to be kille thats his destiny

    Vangie Lacap 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply

    AA. A7 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • people said they dont feel the chemistry yet i feel like they match each other roles well??? idk but im looking forward to this drama ❤️ its been only 2 eps so chill guys i know it will on you soon so pls positive comments only 👋🏻

    bojogeoun kho 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Loll min hoo

    Amrutha Bts-army 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • The girl is not match with his personality.. she looks older than him

    Koly Gomes 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • I fell in love with the almighty white horse😭😭😭 he's so beautiful.. no, the word beautiful is not enough to define him

    Ayu haritsa 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Now bring back Goblin!!!

    Kyuhyun Suju 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Well I'm confused whether I should watch it now or wait till june to binge watch it. Someone plzz help me!!!!!!

    ANNA DAVID 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Where we find full episode

    Barbie Bagrq 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • "Bratty king" 🤣🤣🤣

    callmedimsome 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Is it wrong if i see her fitting well with his royal guard's captain ? 😁😁😁 Don't get me wrong , I like the king , but she does not fit with him at all ,in my opinion.0 things in common.I can't see someone as her living a life where every minute is planned : what to do ,what to eat ,what to say ,how to dress,how to smile etc.Oh man, I have a conflict now,because I like her character to much and I don't want her changed.
    On the other hand ,with the captain she could continue her job ,cathing the baddies.What a team ! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Rebecca Smith 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Waiting on netflix

    Keep smiling1982 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • she is beautiful

    Aika i 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply
  • Full episodes are Only available on Netflix?🤔

    bhagirath bhatt 22/04/2020 05:19 Reply

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