BTS V – 'SWEET NIGHT' (Itaewon Class OST Part 12) Lyrics [Color Coded_Eng]

By – Zaty Farhani

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  • When Taehyungs edges are more on fleek than yours

    Jinshook Trash 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • This song makes me very emotional when hearing it and i like it hahahaha

    Jollace Junior 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Hello!!!! Just wanna say thank you for making this video :)) I just uploaded the song cover for this song and I must say I rewatched and rewatched this video a lot while I was making the cover because it makes it so convenient with the lyrics and audio appearing at the same time. So grateful for this, thank you!

    지수 JISU 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Sweet Night Everyone

    BTS 4 Life 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Pa shout out po Jungkook/x/V

    Yasminne Nicolle Perez 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Primeira musica do V q eu escuto q é inteira em ingles kkk

    Josiane Gomes Maciel 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • How is the BGM at the end called?

    Zj Fu 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • his voice is so calm and deep
    i am extremely emotional now 😭😢

    Velvet S 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • I’m sorry but that picture god that picture reminds me of muzan from demon slayer. And then muzan reminds everyone of Michael Jackson. And I cannot contain my laugh. Also his fridgen voice is so silky and smooth.

    Robin alpine 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Bts have helped me through a lot and this song reminds me of my grandad he recently died and I never got to say goodbye to him he was a big part of my lifebut army I purple you all stay safe and take care of you and you're family because you never know when its going to be you're last time to see them 💕🤞💜💜💜

    Tara Kirwan 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • i really love bts when they speak in english and i am so happy that i am learning korean and now i can understand korean

    razan mohamed 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Angel voice 😍 i love IT.

    Agnieszka Antowska 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Fire Jade 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Oh my gosh….I am literally crying my eyes out.😭😭😭 This is so beautiful.

    Shay Mercedes 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply


    my brain: dont do it

    me: who IS THIS GIRL/BOY HE IS WRITTIN ABT678?==%#¤"#"%&

    Diana Borchashvili 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • me, in my quarantine room and cannot go out for 2 weeks cause of corona virus : listen to all bangtan songs with max

    nurse : oh shit when will this lil kid will be discharge from this hospital

    Hayati Binti Matpiah Yati 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • What episode does it come out on??

    Heavenly Gonzalez 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • How many english word will you add in this song
    Taehyung: Yes

    Flying V 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • How many english word will you add in this song

    Taehyung: Yes

    Flying V 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • Bruh winter bear and this song is so good 😍😍😍

    jikook113 nao 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply
  • I love you Vmazing

    Yolanda Cruz 23/03/2020 15:28 Reply

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