Coronavirus outbreak: Trump issues new guidelines to help slow the virus spread in U.S. | FULL

U.S. President Donald Trump urged Americans on Monday to halt most social activities for 15 days and not congregate in groups larger than 10 people in a newly aggressive effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

Announcing new guidelines from his coronavirus task force, the president said people should avoid discretionary travel and not go to bars, restaurants, food courts or gyms.

As stocks tumbled, Trump warned that a recession was possible, a development that could affect his chances of re-election in November. The Republican president said he was focused on addressing the health crisis and that the economy would get better once that was in line.

The task force implored young people to follow the new guidelines even though they were at lesser risk of suffering if they contract the virus. Older people, especially those with underlying health problems, are at the greatest risk if they develop the respiratory disease.

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  • What about homeless people too? And plus that I'm disabled and pregnant including homeless with my fiance. So help the us too please, we don't have corona virus at all so please. University of Texas in Austin. To be honest we are hungry

    Brianna DeSantiago 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • He looks tired asf

    j hman 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • I may disagree with President Trump on issues surrounding Global Warming and the continued use of fossil fuels, however I really appreciate his stance on animal cruelty and the causes of this virus pandemic. Like Cyril Ramaphosa he obviously has the real interests of the people at heart.

    Zeph 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • they could erect showers outside the facilities for Medical staff to shower off before they leave to go home…staff could bring clean clothes in plastic to change their clothes after shower and going home

    Deborah Shingleton 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
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  • I'm Chinese, and I'm here to see what americans think China did during the outbreak

    严志刚 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Lazyboy factories still packed hundreds together people getting fired for calling in sick… so companies really arent trying to stop this.

    learn2 farm 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • With the cuurrve doinggg thaaaaaaat ⤻ x’D

    Mr. Schniggle-Biggs 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Alright this is actually a comment for another Covid19 video by global news (one I couldn’t comment on) so, as we all know, Trump calls COVID19 the “Chinese virus”, which makes me angry as a Canadian. No one deserves this sort of treatment; if COVID19 should be called the “Chinese virus”, can we call H1N1 the “US virus”? I still remember how bad I felt when I got the H1N1 flu last year, but I not once called it the “US flu”, so why should he call COVID19 the “Chinese virus”?

    EverythingWonderful 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • twitch tv coronavirusstatistics – live map

    Sam 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • It’s not the freedom,people have the right even the virus,if you do actions,how can you call yourself “free “

    周宇杰 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • AmericaVirus, Trump flu!

    yeap cs 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Would any of you be surprised if Trump "created" and released coronavirus upon the world? Simply because he's a deranged madman?

    johnny useful 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Does anybody on here wish that he got it

    TODDX THE GREAT 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply

    Daniel Jones 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • I was like a fast video then I see 54 MNUTES BYea

    Mr.badboys 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • 特朗普请考虑你背后的人,他们站着很尴尬,眼睛没有焦距。取消形式主义吧

    李飞 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • I don't know I will die or protect myself from koruna virus.But I know I have to continue good work

    Roadster view 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
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  • My transportation was stolen during the beginning of the epidemic. Will FEMA reimburse?

    Vanessa Frogge 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • May I have some MREs from the national guard in the Bay area?

    Vanessa Frogge 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Trump Mar 17/20…."I've been calling this a PANDEMIC for MONTHS…Long BEFORE anybody else called it PANDEMIC"

    Trump Mar 2/2020…'This so-called Virus is all a HOAX…Only 15 people have it and pretty soon that will shrink down to 2 and then ZERO"

    Oh Trumpie you are SO F**KING DUMB!!!

    James Irving 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • This virus can SPREAD BEFORE the patient start SHOWING SYMPTOMS , so mask is recommended.
    And even if you are young and not likely to die because of the virus, YOU COULD INFECT OLD PEOPLE YOU KNOW IF YOU GET IT, death rate of the old people infected by this virus is high.

    Giaken Don 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Bus lines? Greyhound and many others traveling town to town and state to state. Why are they still running? 100+ people in a small space with no care taken, no PPE.

    Cam SurGage Vlog 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Trump looks and sounds sick.

    Psychic Child 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Kill the China man an bomb his cunttree so not even a bat can live in that infested area of the world…….!!!!!!!:)

    Dill Harper 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Bomb China april2020!!!!!!!!…..

    Dill Harper 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Us virus.

    CY Wong 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • What if you aren't an American but helped build Amerikkka, raised Amerikkkas children….. moreover

    Tyler Porter 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Save China! Save Asian! Save Aussie, Save Korean. GO hell US!!

    Liza Craft 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Helloww US, why you spread out corona in Wuhan?? Are you so scare, that China will be a great country just a moment? US make China collaps, but its not work. China is the best.

    Liza Craft 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • I think the elderly, and people that have certain medical conditions are the ones that should stay at home. Most people with no medical condition it really isn't something they are going to have to worry about. This overreacting is going to put the economy into recession if not depression. This is just from what I have seen heard and understood, but if I am missing some please let me know. I feel like I must be missing something here.

    Dreyden 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Let’s call this Chinese Coronavirus not fxxking Cov…19 😩😩😩😩😩down the Chinese

    。藏王 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Welcome to the ushering in of the NWO. Over Corona which numbers infected and whom have died is so inconsequential. I do not, nor EVER will, comply with this proclamation!!! DO NOT COMPLY, and do not take the vaccine!!!

    awokento Truth 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • People are contributing to the spread by depriving others of the essential needs to support their immune systems

    Coronavirus 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • smell of turpentine oil may will control corona

    Dipak Kadam 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Dear international friends,I am a elementary school student from China, I'd like to know about how you feel about my country, could you tell me your opinions? Best wishes to you.

    卢星宇 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Hey Mister President you are way to close to those people

    Carla Metcalfe 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply

    Jimmy McKay 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply

    Jimmy McKay 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • The balona virus

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  • When you look to the sky in outer that a vac most fear ..her eye zone..plan it earth soul lure system..crews of fiction

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  • One name..cant find one name of a dead person from corona..why is that?

    ZUE5 13illZa13u13 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Does the virus spread with an antena?

    ZUE5 13illZa13u13 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Can anyone tell me why out of the 8000 dead people i cant find one name of one of them..why is thier not one name released..please explain

    ZUE5 13illZa13u13 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Apparently, it's going to take seeing a million Americans die from the Coronavirus before people start realizing this is no joke.

    Alan Morris 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply
  • Better to go too far rather than not far enough.

    Italian Vaper 19/03/2020 19:48 Reply

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