Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing in Control Panel Windows 10

How to fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing in control panel Windows 10 sound problem
Hi guys, here’s a proper solution to fix windows 10 sound problem and also, this video will help to fix Realtek high definition audio manager not showing in windows 10’s control panel. Basically, this is caused by windows updates, when it needs to be repaired and when a clean installation process is required.
Don’t worry, by following this tutorial, you can easily get the solution for Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing Problem in windows 10.


🔊Realtek High Definition Audio Driver –


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  • Captcha is broken on their site now.

    Nick Thomas 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Wtf my computer crash and put now a new os fck off

    Lohit 18 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • when my Computer Restarts, the program wont go on

    Chased Guitars 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • win rar is not for free?? wow i didn t want to spend 20€

    Sfighter 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • I tried but still no luck, thanks for the video.

    Tech Hobby Gear 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • boi the download is stupidly long

    ArinPlayz Gaming 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • I can get realtek installed fine, but whenever I bring up playback properties under sound there is no option to select the 'configure' button…
    It's driving me absolutely batshit crazy.
    Without the option to configure I cannot select anything, period. I'm stuck with 2 channel audio, flat.
    FUCKING REALTEK and windows in general. I've loathed realtek for over a decade because it's ALWAYS been obtuse as fuck and has NEVER worked properly, on any PC I've had since they started installing that crap on every motherboard and add-on boards became an overpriced second option.

    Amzar Nacht 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • download speed is 25kb per second which will take three hours???

    Lesley Frieson 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Does this actually work?

    Marlon Johnson 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • No it didn't helped👎👎

    Create Anything 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • 500 Internal Server Error
    not downloading bro

    High Bhai 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Realtek really need to update their download speed. I downloaded 260 mb in 3h at 20 kb/s, and it usually takes 30 sec. 😭

    Alex 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • i dont understand do i need to install from the list?and then from the desktop too????please explainnnnnnn

    Adib Afiq 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply

    OMG First one said 3 hours.

    theVRpilot 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Thanks for wasting my time you son of a bitch
    Fuck you scammer

    RancidKari 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • nose q hice pero segui tus pasos pero si funciono tranks

    Jacqueline Felipe Palomino 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • I tried this method but it has resulted in my device unable to produce any audio sounds displaying an error with the driver

    Brian Ochiel 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • It's says no audio output device is installed 🥺

    Christian Panerio 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Not working bro

    Karthickkumar Mahalingam 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • did everything, still not showing up in control panel.

    rorevel 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • good trick.

    ayush kumar 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • My downloud speed was 3 hours LOL

    deibxrr 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • whats he saying

    boby 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply

    Dawid Jandzinski 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • I have 32BIT windows. I need to copy the WIN32 folder?

    Clyde 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • my motherboard realtek hardware ic is ALC662 but its not match with the list of hardware under 8channel there is only ALC888S-VD , ALC892 , ALC898

    DEVELOPER NILANJAN / Sre Durga Electronic 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • just did everithing as in the video and now i have no audio at all on my laptop, speakers not working and headphones also not working

    Mato Mijic 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • here's a link for faster download ^_^

    Tim 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Found this site for faster DL of driver. Realtek's dial up connection is wayyy toooo slowwwwwwwwwww

    Cian W 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • I stayed 3 hours to download Realtek but it was worth it. Thanks for the video

    Mihai MX 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • ! C:UsersdoantDownloads009-64bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R282.exe: The archive is corrupt

    thanh Doan 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • 3 fucking hours to download

    Ricj 27 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • I don’t have winrar and apps in App Store don’t match yours

    Aida Kidane 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Tnx, but a little problem is still here. Before windows update messed up the audio, I could plug in the headset into the laptop, and a little box popped up wjth the question what I put in (headset or microphone etc). But now the box won't show up anymore. Until I open the HD Realtek configuration once, then the box pop up until I shut off the laptop. Anyone a solution?

    cure boy 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • thats funny i wonder what he is saying

    Lucky123 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • 3 hour download? lol

    Наталка xx 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • Very very thanks guy!

    Júnio de Freitas Dias Mendes 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT STILL CANT FIND HD Audio Manager in the control panel…

    Matt Willam 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • you are the best. thanks for helping me bro

    ניר משה דוד 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • As of the present day it does not work

    Gil 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply
  • It worked!
    Thank you so much 😊
    It took the whole day for the download to complete, but it is now working tho!

    Loretta Pérez 24/05/2020 06:34 Reply

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