How to Draw Pokemon | Umbreon

Happy November!!! Let’s kick off this month with 2 back to back Pokemon art lessons starting with How to Draw Umbreon. Stay tuned for our second Pokemon drawing lesson in a few hours. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you get notified when a new lesson is posted. New art lessons posted daily 7 days a week.

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  • Thanks you really helped me out!

    Catalina Mihalache 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • More!!!!

    Raolins Hoffman 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • I would also love to draw eternatus from Pokemon sword and shield.

    Kaymer Gamer 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • I have noticed that drawing Pokemon is the hardest but Umbreon is easy.

    Kaymer Gamer 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Can you draw zacian from Pokemon sword and shield.

    Jasper White 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • THANKS (:

    Emma Lopez 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Brilent bro

    Krishna Gavade 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Your dawlings are the best drawing I've ever saw

    Vicky Dakween 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Supa Dupa good bro!!!

    Conan Edogawa 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Can you draw a magmar

    Marissa Varni 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Nice and easy!

    Amyn Madani 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Lol

    Oto Fig 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • You're the best drawing teacher

    Shadowvortex 84 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • i love it

    JING YONG LIM 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • your the best draftsman

    Igor Jacobs 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Hi

    Bekir Avas 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Hey do you know that rockruff evolve to a dusk form lankinrock😅

    omi villadolid 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • and your picture looks better then mine!!!

    Bao Mai 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • dont for get to subscrib to my youtube chanel called thùy linh

    Bao Mai 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Good drawing but you draw too fast.

    vulture 18/04/2020 06:45 Reply
  • Thank you sm! U really helped me!

    Minecraft Player ____ 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply
  • Wow very good drawing

    Raj Verma 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply
  • Thank you so much I’m actually drawing with you!

    Elcie Simon 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply
  • I'm 11 and I want to draw umbreon. He is my favorite.

    Liam Smith 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply
  • Noi nhyêu

    Phít Võ 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply

    Lucid M3m3s Boi 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply
  • i can not it so i am crying bad drawing

    Sheryl Schroer 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply
  • Thanks for the tutorial! It really helped me 🙂

    Ravenpuff LPS 18/04/2020 06:46 Reply

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