How To Open A Creative Market Shop | Passive Income For Designers

Learn how to open a Creative Market shop and start earning passive income as a graphic designer.

Creative Market Shop:

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  • are you willing to sell your creative market account?

    suryadi ilkom 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • I'm confused on what I'd be selling. Do I just make a font then post a slogan on a random stock photo do I take my own photos am I selling the photo with the font or the actual don't itself? Someone help me please

    The Ironflash-guy 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • I requested twice already but nothing…

    laboomerang 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Ngopo sih koe nduk?

    Fransiscus Borgias 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Hay I like the tutorial you gave me, did you open a place to teach streaming directly from the start on the creative market?

    Cara Cermat 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Thanks for making great videos! I would like to know how you prep the files to upload to Creative Market or even a website. I’ve done PDF files, but never clip art or digital papers. TIA
    PS – your Digital Papers are very beautiful, in fact all your stuff is great.

    Mario Saverino 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Would love to know more about passive income and prepping files. Thank you.

    Sounds of Nature ASMR 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. I wonder what digital paper is? What do people often create with digital paper? How heavy is the paper used to print digital paper (as heavy as regular copy paper, or

    Trang Le 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Thank you again for your tutorial.

    Chantal Rochon 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Does it cost money each time you post a product to sell. if so how much

    Simply Alison 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply
  • Hi May I ask you how many pictures or graphics did you send them? Did you send them same stuff as in other stores? Do they accept similar stuff like in other your stores? I read somewhere that they dont accept request if some graphics have good quality, some of them have low quality. They ask to improve the portfolio, because they want quality. They are looking for new ideas. And some "jury" wrote in discussion that they would rather accept small portfolio than bunch of stuff with different quality. If I understand its better to send one theme than bunch of different stuff.

    Ala Alfa 18/05/2020 01:17 Reply

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