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  • Step 1:Write messy notes
    Step 2:Rewrite it.

    「Miyazaki-Chan」 TwT 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • As a person with ocd I can tell you that using abbreviations drives my absolutely insane and the only exceptions I make are for ect,& and (lol) #

    Panda Cific 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • It doesn't matter how fast i take notes because everyone else is slower so I end up waiting a lot

    Catrizia Cat 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • What is your laptop model?

    Mexanik Usta 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • i use cursive(or chicken scratch) to write faster haha. i also summarize the main point and only write down the important things.

    lwiay16 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • How to take notes faster?

    Studyquill: put affort and work

    Me: do it efortlessly and quickly

    DEVILX PW 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • does she get good grades XD she seems like the type who does but idk

    mochicat 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • My names jasmine too and my birthday is on the same day as you!!!!!! 👑💓💕💕😭😭😭💝💝💝💞💞👑👑❤️❤️😍😍😍xcx

    Jxsmine_roblox _ 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • Dude I cannot summarize anything bc I'm so paranoid that's it'll be on the test

    •s•o•m•e•b•o•d•y• uwu 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • I can write fast but it looks like Minecraft enchantments

    vato 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • Cảm ơn bạn đã làm viesub để mk có thể hiểu đc video của studyquill 😘

    Linh Nguyễn 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • My teacher makes us write down EVERYTHING

    Kate 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • one time i abbreviate a word, the teacher was so mad.

    deakys toast 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • My tip: Summarize it, and if you can’t read it, re write it at home!

    Sapphiresoul 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • Looks for the thing for the giveaway. Realizes it was in 2017

    Miles Jackson 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • 3:01 find that word

    Osama Horani 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • Our teacher doesn't give us the slides until the end of the lesson

    Hana Banana 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • Am I the only one who has a shitty grip on my pen?
    My thumb looks deformed when I write

    underwearmommy 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • please improve your handwriting

    Rajat Nahata 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • She writes so effortly, and yet, her writing is still beautiful!
    Me, I put so much effort and my writing looks nothing like hers

    Anica Laurelle Dy 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • 2:05
    Yhkh ghkjhb

    Wut the hell were you typing

    o h n o h e r e w e g o a g a i n 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • "If your teachers allow computers in class"

    They don't even allow them during breaks. In fact, you can't even use your phone on school grounds (unless it's an emergency) to check the time.

    somebody 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • Jasmine, I have some questions,
    1. If the teacher uses 80+slides, do you think we should still do the printing method?
    2. I saw you use pencil in some of your notes instead of a black pen like you usually do, when do you use pencil (or is it just a gray pen)?

    Jessica Chen 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • How it just says ad straight up 🤣

    Bolu Ayeni 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply
  • 1:31 …I did this when I was writing notes for Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice

    I called Bassanio 'Bas'😂😂😂

    Ishi Singh 28/03/2020 20:31 Reply

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