If Tottenham had Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min would they have beaten Leipzig? | Extra Time

ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Mark Ogden, Frank Leboeuf and Alejandro Moreno answer your questions in Extra Time, including: (0:11) If Frank would prefer to play in front of an empty stadium or hostile crowd as a visiting player, (1:29) if Mark has any secret tattoos, (2:07) who would advance if RB Leipzig play Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, (2:33) if Frank would do a French version of Ocean’s Eleven with the ESPN FC crew, (3:27) and if Tottenham would have advanced without injuries to their star players.

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  • If Tottenham had son and Kane they would of beaten Leipzig

    Fortnite pro8 58pro8 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • As a spurs fan no

    Samu Vilppola 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Answer: Yes.

    clash4cityrocker 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Salah and mane: thank you anold ,Roberteson,Virgil,henderson..ᆢ
    Aguero and sterling : thank you KDB
    Rashford and Martial: thank you james and bruno..ᆢ
    Son and Kane : just we do…

    정어리 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • What will Espn Fc do rest of month now that all leagues are postponed?

    MS 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • No.

    Christian Loher 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • They were both fit and played against Bayern when they got spanked 7-2 at home….

    4737Carlin 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply

    Lydia tea 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Son n Kane highest scoring duo in the league no more need to say

    Koon Jay 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Yes they would have

    Tony Ngo 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Of course they would. Leipzig had nothing to defend against so they could go all offensive. If they had to deal with Son making runs behind the lines with his speed and Kane's poaching ability, their defense had to stay put which in turn would create more space for all other Spurs players to play better. With no scoring threat whatsoever, it was too easy.

    Brian Choi 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • No duh!
    Son and kane is 2 top players for Tottenham
    Easy win for the spurs if they had them. Period! Argument closed!

    J K 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Only if no but, my bet on Korean player to score

    Keith Lim 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Without Harry Kane Tottenham are just a mediocre EPL club.

    Harry Kane 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Spurs has to stop relying on Kane and Son to score goals. 11 players on the pitch shouldn't just be numbers, it has to add up to something.

    돋다 DOTDA 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Not really, they had them and they were 14th in premier league

    Cool Breeze13 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Atalanta would win leipzig

    j jones 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Maybe but they got Mourinho as manager

    Stephen Downton 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Spurs were fine with Kane. Without Son, they're terrible.

    Andrew Lee 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • I hate when they do that. The title is referring to only a question in the video stop doing that it’s annoying and boring keep your segment but don’t show it on YouTube or at least give a proper title “answering twitter questions”

    Andrei Rachieru 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Would we have beaten them with Kane and Son? Early contender for the worst question of the year. In the space of about a week in and around Christmas, we got completely dominated by Chelsea and lost 2-0, then barely scraped a 2-2 draw with Norwich – they both played in not games. Mourinho is finished at this level.

    Eat, Gym, Sleep and Repeat 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Tottenham fans shouldn't blame the players but blame Levy.

    That old scrooge won't spend a dime for new players.

    Time for Kane and Son to leave the team. They deserve better.

    World React 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Tottenham would have won with son and Henry kane esp becos all those issue wont have happened

    Love Ayinde 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • I dont think who played matters, our shape is typical J.M. ….it worked 20 years ago, but the game has moved on since then, as he should, to a retirement home for ex special ones.

    Rob Walker 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • no

    Aaron T 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • The question was if Spurs had no injuries would they have gone through. Not if they had Kane and Son. And I believe they would have gone through without any injuries. There's no true left back playing and adopted more for wing backs then full backs in this game. The ball got in good positions, but with no threat of a CF like Kane the crosses were worthless.

    Rick Gonzalez 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • If Spurs had those 2 ball kickers,the game would be called off because one of them carrying the Corona plague.🤢

    Djms&capo DeMorais 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Jose can't coach so the answer is no.

    xtrey19x 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • shaka drunk again

    brom dal 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Guys little facts for you before Son got injured Spurs where 8 games unbeaten (6W-2D) now without son their record is (5L-1D)

    Yung Kingy 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Lepzig and Mini-Mou (Nagelsmann) are the dark horse in the Champions League.
    Bayern is currently the strongest team in europe. The only team that they did not beat was Leipzig — at home.

    Don Juan 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Possibly

    LEO TV 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • NO.

    Les Corlett 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Guys just be honest for ones For God-sake

    ayub elias 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • I hope Leipzig don't play Atalanta in the quarterfinals. Let them both take on the bigger teams.

    Michael Padilla 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Nope

    shariff ismail 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • i think the english media under estimated Leipzig to be honest? i've been a Bundesliga regular viewer for 4-5 seasons now and Nagelsmann is taking an already talented side to the next level and i can see them taking bigger scalps in the UCL in the coming seasons if not this!

    Phat Meow 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • If if… If Arsenal have better defence would they win the league?

    Ma 7 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Who cares? Leipzig won, and when you look back years from now you'd see in written as Leipzig beat Tottenham 4-0 on aggregate. Dominating the previous year's finalist. * english fans cried about missing two players, Tottenham are a two man team.

    K4 Josiah 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • Didn't know that Kane and Son were good FBs now

    Siamzero1994 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply
  • This football show is becoming more of a lets low-key roast eachother and not talk about football show

    BlutoothOfficialMusic 26/03/2020 08:20 Reply

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