IT'S HERE | F-4C Phantom Live Server Gameplay (War Thunder)

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IT’S HERE | F-4C Phantom Live Server Gameplay (War Thunder)

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  • TESTING OUT the Mig-21 RTB Simulator! That video should be up tomorrow

    PhlyDaily 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Fuck american planes mig fucked you

    Dusan Jovanovic 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • What is that movie on 00:25?

    Jackson4687 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • With the old prop planes they give us they just send us out and hope we get 50 shots on another biplane before it goes down, while when you have a jet, basically just spray and pray bc it only really takes a couple rounds to take down another jet. Am I right? Leave a like if so, and if not, dislike it.

    Ivan Krangnes 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • To PhlyDaily only: what controls do you use? Realistic? Simplified? Thanks BTW love your vids.

    Ivan Krangnes 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • What movie?

    Akmal Dzulfiqar 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • How do l get this plane?

    a-klotz LP 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • When I was a kid I lived in the country and just abought every day a F4 would buzz are house , one of the reasons why I went into Aviation as career , I would always be weighting in the field around one pm some times they would do High g turn and go on their way ….

    Sotallytober 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • It's a bird, it's a plane,
    Yeah judging by that HUGE black coal powerplant sized cloud that gives it away at 60 km.

    darthspeaks 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Hey did you enjoy ripping after chasing those fgr2s nerd

    Ryan Oliver 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • 6:43 "i'll hit the brakes and he'll fly right by" 😂

    Spag Dreamzzz Pigeon 9 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • I think you're just bad

    Jankykf 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • 10:00 that was Close

    Crypto Lab 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • wtf the mig 21 is 140km/h slower than the f4c

    einar 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • gonna be awsome to see the saab 35 draken

    einar 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • is the intruder in game yet?

    I'll redownload when it is, just to fly it around

    Robertson Thirdly 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Russian players: 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢

    Jagd Tiger 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Ladies and gentleman war thunder in a nutshell

    Mattia franciosi 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • yes the F4 was a fast beast of a airplane. it did one thing well that was go fast. turn radius not so great climb shoot yea

    Dennis J 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • wrong day to make an airplane vid

    TTGSKILLET TOAST 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Could you please not scream into the mic?

    GEOKOU 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Sky Eye: "Mobius One we have contacts on your rector at an altitude of 15000. Bombers, please intercept before they reach our air field. North Point is our last base of operations, we can not let it fall to Erusea."

    Kameraden 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • What was that movie?

    Draconian Ghost 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Whats the movie from the intro?

    Devastating Joke 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • No he was hacking ive seen speed hacks before a biplane caught up to my f4 phantom in war thunder before too

    blackbeard1104 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • What is that movie at the start

    Galaxy God 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • What is the gamemode

    Fisken Fisker 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • "Watching PhlyDaily play war thunder" "World of tanks commercial pops up….."

    MatternPlayz 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Spoiler alert: there is different versions for the mig 21 later on

    Sorry people watching from the past Xd

    Y O I N K-A-D O I N K 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • Just watched an F-4C Phantom get ripped apart by two Migs lmao

    Cryz 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • The big advantage of a turbojet vs the turbo fan used in modern jet fighters is the turbojet has instantaneous power on throttle up. The F4 would literally pin you back into your seat when you slammed the throttle forward. Amazing acceleration.

    The big disadvantage is in fuel consumption. The F4 was never designed as a turning dog fighter. It's a boom and zoom – designed to come in fast and hard, shoot missiles, and zip out just as fast. It wasnt even designed with an internal cannon because of the added weight, and the idea that BVR tactics were the modern air combat paradigm. The mistake they made was the platform was never tested under the kinds of combat conditions that existed in South Vietnam – many of which led to failures in the weapons systems it relied on for survival. Lessons learned from Vietnam had training re-align to air combat training to include close-in dogfight and guns/missile combat and multi-role fighter design. Since in a real live combat scenario, you can never be 100% certain of the conditions that you may have to fight in or under.

    When you think about it, not including a powerful cannon is logical in terms of fighter design. If you can save the weight, you make your fighter more efficient and maneuverable. Fighter cannons and ammunition are VERY heavy – and saving wight means you save fuel and you can increase range and time over target. Especially when you consider the weight cost of other ordinance on the aircraft, the avionics and radar systems, not to mention the fuel and airframe itself.

    When you consider that the F4 was a fuel guzzler with those big turbojet engines, it had to carry a LOT of it in the wings and in under-belly tanks, meaning less ordinance due to physical space and weight restrictions. Adding an internal cannon would have made it under-perform during its era in a very dramatic way.

    If you look at the next generation fighters after the F4 – for example, the F14 Tomcat which was specifically designed as a BVR fighter – it's a HUGE airplane. The F14 does have an internal cannon and it does have the aim-54 Phoenix missiles (huge and heavy). What it doesn't have is turbojet engines – it uses turbo fans which are way more fuel efficient.

    Those engineers were playing a desperate balancing act back then. You have to remember that we believed that at any time military aggression was going to escalate and we would have to respond to a nuclear threat. Without modern composites or wing design, they were literally throwing every idea at the wall to walk the tightrope with these designs. It's a fascinating moment in engineering history where these decisions were literally life and death choices.

    JT Brown 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • mig21 is russian … in russian game… and gajin dont know what fairsnees means i dont even know if this word exist in english but… you get my point

    Adolf Hitler 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply
  • 9:42 "I'm only pullin' 10 G's!"
    Considering that the USAF trains pilots to handle a minimum of 8.5 G's and most humans max at 11, IRL a pilot handling 10 G's is impressive.

    BluSpectre 22/03/2020 05:07 Reply

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