Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: The TRUTH FINALLY REVEALED!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: The real abuser is finally revealed and guess what its not Johnny (surprised pikachu face) Amber tells Johnny nobody will believe him because he is a man and she is a woman. She punches him in the face for sitting on the couch and watching TV…. NEW UNCENSORED AUDIO keeps coming out. This situation is so toxic and upsetting that Johnny Depp has to go through this is heartbreaking. Havent been this upset since Harambe passed dude was more than a gorilla. This audio was first reported on by The Daily Mail. They obtained a 31 minute recorded phone call between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This was during their divorce in 2016.

Here is the petition for Amber to not be in the next Aquaman lets let another girl that isn’t abusive make millions of dollars instead. Cool good plan bet

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The Audio clips were made by the YouTube channel Incredibly Average here is the link to his channel: (you should check out his videos covering this situation because he goes into further details 🙂

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  • Hi Nutters I probably interrupted you mid circle jerk but if you have a minute go check out Incredibly Averages channel it’s his audio I used in my video and he has made a bunch of detailed videos covering this Johnny & Amber case 😉

    The Walnuts 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Eye pretty much never believed that man hit her. He’s such a decent person and there are more people on his side than not 🤷🏻‍♀️🌈

    Kamryn Celeste 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • She needs to go to jail and pay all the money back

    Meralys Viruet 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • "I was hitting you, I wasn't punching you." Omg, what… 13:02 – 13:45

    a 14 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • That’s one toxic person right there; barely lets him speak, then mocks him. And makes fun of him when she gets physical and tries to act like it’s not a big deal because he has no physical marks 😢 So sad. He’s doing the right thing by leaving or “running” like she says. But it makes her more mad for him to walk away when he knows it’s going to get bad and that’s scary. Most people act like a women can’t be toxic and abusive. It’s sad that it’s been pinned on him for so long.

    IG: Kuristi Keke 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • How much more of a gentleman is he for holding on to these tapes for so long. I don’t know how they got released, but they’ve been divorced for years now. All this time he only had to release them….

    Ingrid B 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • I won't see another Pirates' movie without Depp.

    Rachel Landherr 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • She is talking about herself, not Johnny.

    Rachel Landherr 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Sign the petition and share it.

    Rachel Landherr 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Please keep making videos about this. The mainstream media is ignoring it.

    Rachel Landherr 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • What a patient man, if that was me, I would of knocked her clean out!

    George Roper 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Is her life destroy yet? Or that is not for everyone?

    T Fierro 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • She sounds like she has Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Jeremy W Variety of Viewpoints 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Make the public be Johnny's attorney. Amber would not stand a chance.

    Alma Joy Em 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Here is channel with the entire breakdown

    Alan J 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • I dont trust Defranco since the money scam and him defending Aljazirah.

    He's biased and cannot be trusted

    Fact Check 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Amber heard is a psycho. Because of her lies, she cost Johnny Depp the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. She tried to ruin his career.It’s only fair that she loses the Aquaman franchise. Here’s my question, where are the “me too” people now? If a man hits a woman, he’s crucified, a woman hits a man and no one seems to really care. She should face the same consequences.

    Ben Hur 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • This is such a personal conflict.. so sad that it’s being brought to attention in the media. Must be so difficult for both parties involved… yikes not siding with anyone involved

    Emily S 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Did you listen to the second tape??

    _Pam016_ 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • … I read a reddit thread where men talked about how their feelings where constantly overlooked. They said that they where shamed and diminished when they showed themselves vulnerable.
    That women wanted to see tgem as rock, snd not as human beings, and thus lost respect from them when they showed their vulnerabilities.

    … As a girl, I realised that I too am guilty of that sexist vision, that treacherous and deshumanising double standart.

    I post it here in case some would like to realise what happens in the men's side of the mirror. It feels like the topic is à propos.

    Emynodupeus Dupeusnoemy 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply

    Lindsey Depp 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Im gonna spam Disney if they don't apologize to him !!! What a fcking bich

    Miss Empire 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • I think that the reason the abuse from men towards women is being so much more talked about has to do with the human instinct of protecting those in a weaker position and being kicked by the stronger one. Because physically, men are often stronger. None the less, it is VILE that male victims are being shoved aside. The fact that people use the physical aspect as an excuse to not take male victims seriously is disgusting.

    When talking about equality and some men say to women: "so that means I can hit you?" Like, no. You can't hit me, just as I can't hit you. Hitting and being abusive to someone is not a human RIGHT. NO ONE has the RIGHT to lay a hand on anyone without consent, regardless of gender or body type.

    And the size of the body has no meaning when throwing bottles of vodka as Amber did.

    K.Artifex - Author 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Amber heard should be out in aquaman 2..shes is a fallen angel a bitch I can see in her eyes all her picture.. She is the type of woman you should not love but pity for her being the daugther of satan.

    Sappire Virgo 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • This is on go and sign it #bycoot amber herd…
    #bring back Jhonny deep

    Vivek Ranjan 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • I can't understand Amber's logic the same as i can't understand the logic of Flat Earthers…

    猫ニャ___猫ニャ 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • amber and Johnny need to break up??? what the hell how is this relationship still going ?? so toxic yuck

    Kelsey Allen 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • He doesn’t want anyone to know she beat his ass!!! 🤣😔poor dumb pussy whipped bastard 🤓

    Lor 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Omg such a manipulative bitch, poor johnny

    Amanda Dugas 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Well as joker says -""she is gonna get what she fucking deserve"""
    I mean now it's her time to get blacklist from Hollywood
    Man Depp lost his role from Pirates movie coz of her
    And the type of acto he is, if wasnt blacklisted he might have been even casted for joker movie .

    Neil Warren 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Her ass should be publicly burned after bring to world false accusations to Johnny. And pay him a lot of money of recompensation because during this whole her made up bullshit he have problems in Hollywood's world. And clearly Disney and Hollywood should apologize Johny in public and by the way where are those double standard prostitutes called feminists who yell so much about equality … Equality yeah in my ass where is it about man …

    Daniel S 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • iO proves she/he is just simply a lier!!!! Anyone that thinks so little of themselves to literally lie for a sickass friend, Amber, doesn’t deserve our attention!!!! May you receive 100% lash back for what you did to JD!!!!! Will never watch or followYOU for any reason!!!! You are fake and a lier!!!!!!!!!

    Michelle McCallum-Hamill 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Actually he tried to do a prenup she assaulted him

    Senorodeo 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • She’s such a narcissist. I hope this gets way more attention and she loses her roles. I can’t even look at her without thinking about how she lied about being abused when there are thousands and women who are actually being abused and are too scared to come forward for fear of not being believed. She’s making it worse for actual abuse survivors and that’s unforgivable in my eyes. She deserves to pay for what she’s done to Johnny and his career.

    tigerlily 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Emm… Ember pooped in the bed. I mean… this human is a bit (not a bit) fuking insane. No, I mean medical aspect, diluted. I know that fems fanatics do not care. But Depp should receive some mental help and Ember should be baned.
    MAN- please do care about your selfs. If a woman is like a crazy fanatic- throw that bitch away. There is a lot of adequate girls around.

    MrReason7 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • I'm so fucking proud of him for standing up to her

    Lindsey Depp 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • I'd have fucking decked her for talking to my gorgeous husband to be Johnny Depp like that. Your the fucking baby scamber fuckin 💩

    Lindsey Depp 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • #himtoo

    Erkia Cherrabi 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • The sexism against men is huge!!
    Everyone believng the woman just on her words…..johnny depp has to provide rock solid evdence before anyone believes him

    Many many women abuse…lie ,cheat violent, marry for maoney etc…..

    michael Fenn 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • She just wanna scam this man and ruin his life. Such a shame. Johnny like chillin while she tweakin on him

    A Man & His Truck 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • This is so incredibly sad. Poor Johnny.

    Tegan Pepper 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Stupid fucking woman, she should be jailed.

    TwiggyHD 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • You mention you used Incredibly Average's audio (I'm guessing after someone had a crack at you for not crediting him), but you should also mention you stole his artwork. Not cool.

    N Rutter 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply
  • Her voice makes me sick.

    Margaret Chiloquin 31/03/2020 22:25 Reply

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