Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City | United complete Manchester derby double


Manchester City have the chance to narrow the gap to Liverpool following their shock loss to Watford. A victory Manchester United would put their arch-rivals 9 points away from the title.

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Premier League Matchday 29:

Liverpool vs Bournemouth
Arsenal vs West Ham
Crystal Palace vs Watford
Sheffield United vs Norwich
Southampton vs Newcastle
Wolves vs Brighton
Burnley vs Tottenham
Chelsea vs Everton
Manchester United vs Manchester City
Leicester vs Aston Villa



  • We don’t need poch fs he’s overrated

    Harrygraham123 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • Peaple said Man U will lose are u sure about that boys

    Jimmy Oneill 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • Kdb over pogba are you guys nuts

    FF S 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • Giardola need hair transplant

    Crazy Bola 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • Why is Joe not on this??????

    21Youngstars ZH97 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • Maguire has been good man, obviously not on Van Dhik level but we are 2nd best defense in Europe,what more you need to do as a defender.

    ritul sharma 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • There's just no excitement when United score. These are fans?

    Himansh Singla 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • Who is the "woman"? lmao

    Shafaatoo 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • where’s joe?

    THE WGT 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • Good evening every body. My opinion is that ManCity deserves this loss . When this stupid bold coach is going to put in his mind that he cannot win with Mahrez on the bench?

    mohamed bennai 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • These guys such plastic fans 😂😂I was shaking my house when celebrating

    Manav Kallu 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • It’s kinda dead without that ginger guy.

    Albie The Tyrant 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • 1st goal martial 49:54
    2nd goal shiterson error 2:13:32

    LALIT NANOSKAR 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply
  • I am an Arsenal fan but fair play to United. They fully deserved their win. I don't understand what has happened to City this season. How can you go from winning the title back to back to losing to an average United team THREE times in one season?? Let's hope Ederson plays like this against us cos he was shocking. Terrible goal keeping for both goals. Looks like the standard of goal keeping is going down the gutter.

    omar yahya 13/03/2020 19:50 Reply

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