My First Wash and Go | Short Natural 4c Hair – Activating 4c Curls

Hey guys! I decided to try a wash n go for the very first time on my 4c hair.


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  • My natural hairstylist, located in Dallas.

    Glam by Merry 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Love it looks super good …great job pretty hair

    Usheka Williams 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • 4c hair comes in many patterns..her hair is 4c COILY. Her hair looks like mine and I have a mixture of type 4 and 3 coils. A lot of coily hair black women have multiple different coil patterns, from loose to tight springy coils, which is why we experience MAJOR SHRINKAGE that's not even funny, get fairly knots and tangles very easily. The good thing about type 4 coily is that it can be blown out to a fluffy fro that shows the true length, it can be air dried to a twa, or the coils can be popped out and elongated to look like it was chemically texturized.. and of course straightened out and look like we grew our hair overnight 😂 4c hair is so versatile, what can't it do?

    S. Holliday 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • She has hair exactly like mine I’m so happy 😄

    Petronelle Ikwa 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • How long did it take? I tried for 7 minutes and gave up.

    I'm tired 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • You talt to mutch

    Fátima Cunha 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • What bothers me about natural hair tutorials is that

    1. Natural hair products come in tiny bottles and they’re way too expensive for their size but the person doing the video never seems to mention that🤔

    2. When the video is sponsored people seem to forget to mention that as well🤑

    3. Why use a TON of product on a tiny section of hair ma’am to prove that it works? It defeats the purpose of using it 🙄

    The YouTube natural hair community needs to get it together and honesty doesn’t hurt. Peace.

    Johanny Paulino 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • This video does not work for most 4cs, your hair is different, since it is the first product you apply, it shows that it is not a common 4c or maybe it is not 4c, I am confused

    llonfi 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • I cut all my hair off last night and now I'm on YT trying to find ways to make it grow 😂😂😂😂

    KeepingupwithNahandtheFab 5 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Nice cut!

    mochabetty 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Does Cantu curl activator work on 4c natural hair

    Wumi iy 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • @Glam by Merry How many hours do the curls stay defined for??

    Keresa Baker 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • This is 4c hair that is healthy and properly moisturized. And that is why her hair is reacting this way. Yes 4c hair does curl. You may be using products that are not actually moisturizing your hair. Products promise and they also lie. Also if your leaving in a rinse out conditioner in your hair overnight, your water logging your hair, stop it, use as instructed. If you're using the "greenhouse effect " buy sleeping in a shower cap, stop it, you're water logging your hair. When your hair dries it's worse than when you started. Your hair should not stay wet without a leave conditioner in any longer than it needs to be.
    If a product has protein in it, you should not be using it every day. Yes you should do a hot oil at least 2 a month and yes you should deep condition (it doesn't have to be under the dryer kind) after every shampoo and only after shampoo. Not middle of the week oil rinse or what else you may do. If your doing it wrong, that's why your 4c hair doesn't look like hers.
    My 4c hair curls now but at first it was a mess. Learn from my mistakes.

    LadyE100 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • That shampoo striped my hair. Not sure what went wrong but it's in time out in a box in the back of the closet with other products that did not please me. Lol

    LadyE100 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • You are very very beautiful hair included

    najla 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • You should Start doing just your natural hair

    Ka'Niyah Caldwell 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • MY GOODNESS! u r sooo pretty!!!

    Oscar Galate 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Let me be the first to say…THE SHRINKAGE IS REAL!!! 😍

    Sherrè Amour 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Seriously, clearly 4b. My hair has curl pattern , but much tighter and won't elongate that much no matter how much product I use. Will keep looking for 4c wash and go video.

    D Mitchell 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply

    dudu dale 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • You are so cute 🎀

    Benevolenta Bryant 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • 😬nah. You don't get to stunt like that at the end with excessive product still visible in your hair. That's not a desired result at all. YouTubers need less stunting imo, cause being in the camera with tongue out, booty wagging, but failed looks is the opposite of the image I assume these ladies want to build for their audience. But, what do I know? I know I personally do notttt like that persona. 🙅 It's wratched.

    HabitualLover 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • The curl maker made my hair feel sticky

    Juicello 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Oh my twerking really! thumbs down and no final look!

    p ward 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Lovely

    Michelle B 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Pretty face. those cheekbones …girl u need to model

    Brittany K 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Your afro is beautiful!

    Aishah A 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply
  • Why are you shaking your butt? What does that have to do with your hair?

    Day Trade Live 17/03/2020 07:27 Reply

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