Stock Market Crash, Putin’s Potential Term Reset & An African Locust Swarm | The Daily Show

The stock market plunges, Vladimir Putin considers a plan to prolong his presidency, and changing weather patterns cause a severe swarm of locusts in East Africa. #TheDailyShow

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  • Trevor ,u are very happy if trump fail n America gone to grave !stop it ,u are so stupid !

    Sulim Chew 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • If you are reading this…

    Nobody cares about you or your opinion.

    Estiifan Ahmup 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • damn Kenya

    MEGHAN DAVID 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • why dont the africans eat the locusts instead? 4:50

    UnholyBuddhist 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • The locust if the eat American food, they would die out.😝🤣

    Xendela B 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • I was the first born son, now I'm the first born daughter. Am I all set for the plagues, or is there a form I should fill out?

    ClareBearPhD 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • It was created to raise money on SPECULATING ON NEW BUSINESS…I call it legal gambling,for the rich

    Judy Corso 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • Yeap, Bible fulfilling itself. King of the North and King of the East. China changed their constitution to make the president a permanent dictator, and now Russia follows suit. Virus, stock crash, crime, violence, immorality these are all signs. Wake up

    Truth Keeper Films 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • Locust is not an uncommon thing and they should increase the birds that eat those locust

    Jaycee Williams 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • Me who can'tafford stocks: * laughs in poor man *

    XmojotronX 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • oh no corona,oh no my money. with this funny gif, you are more famous in china now that spread a
    sense of humor and happiness. we love you. we call you 崔娃 崔cui from trevor,娃wa for our love person.

    Vieloe Huang 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • In Russia, the president chooses you

    TheShizaarius 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • oh no corona oh no my money

    Vieloe Huang 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • oh no corona oh no my money

    Vieloe Huang 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • 0:13 I want that bell as my alarm

    69’sLeft Hand 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • Poor Trevor, thinking that "you tell us" was a joke but it really hits home here. That's basically what actually happens in Russia :^)

    MrLodinn 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • The news uses extra words like "crash", surge, etc.

    Nicole Jennings 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • Taking all that smack as everyone loss there money and media loves it buy buy ..Maxine has her hooks in it your buddy..

    Jeff Bailey 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • U guys joke about putin .. just because you are jealous ..

    Samir Hasan 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • For many states being shut down…it is going to get even more crazy.

    Jennifer Isaacs 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply
  • Locus problems? … Deep fry them fckrs., Put them on a Tortilla… Murder She wrote! 😍

    Nino Romello 21/03/2020 14:53 Reply

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