Tactical Analysis: RB Leipzig 3-0 Tottenham | Nagelsmann Shows Mourinho’s Tactical Age | Spurs

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One of the best young managers took on an all-time great, and showed him how the game is progressing. But how did Nagglesman and Mourinho tactically set up their teams? Let’s take a look.

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  • Which of the remaining teams in the UCL do you think Leipzig could do well against?

    Football Made Simple 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • RB Leipzig decided to play more possession than usual. Spurs could be considered a high-possessive team but Leipzig totally outplayed them! Nagelsmann's genius tactics were what won them (Leipzig) the game. If they keep this up, they would cause even more problems for whatever opposition they would face against in the quarter-finals.

    BallRon Ronald'Or 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Nah, swap the managers and the result would be the same – overwhelming victory for Leipzig – Mo set up well within his limitations and couldn't figure in two goalkeeper errors – (+1 v Burnley) – the squad has been poor for mor ethan a year and miracles don't repeat.

    Zaph Mann 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Champions League will be cancelled. There will be no more football till Sep I believe. COVID-19 is spreading further and the pandemic is getting worse and worse. There is no way football resumes on April. It's just not gonna happen.

    Takiowns Poker 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Absolute bullshit of a title. Spurs are missing half their starters and the ones playing are tired. Embarrassingly biased.

    Milan Zivkovic 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • can you please do a tactical video only for nagelsmann? thank you mate keep it up

    Luis . 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • This tactical analysis is pointless. Leipzig players were simply stronger, quicker and technically better than Spurs players. Whichever tactics Spurs played, if you don't have the players to take advantage, you might as well pack up and go.

    Yaz Djebbour 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Mourinho had to adapt his tactics because of the injuries. Maybe with the presence of Kane and Son, Tottenham would have played with a different tactic.
    For instance, Lo Celso need not push higher up and can act as a pivot. The pace will be provided by Son and Moura, on both the wings for the long balls and Kane would hold up the ball in front. Alli won't need to drop back and instead can play between the lines where he is comfortable. Excellent Analysis!

    Abhilash Narayanan 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • THFC would have done better, if they did not have all those injuries to bare.

    mali 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Idea for a new video: how the hell won SAF his last championship with such a avarage team? 🤔

    Eric Fürst 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Mourinho is gonna sink their club a lot more next season. People complaining about spurs not having kane and son should remember that leipzig played without their 3 starting cb’s in the first leg and still kept a clean sheet, while spurs conceded 5 over both legs despite mourinho being negative.

    Ankle Socks 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Tactical analysis for Adrian please

    Yeive Velzardne 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • This shows the UCL final was a fluke

    Where’s my penis? 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Do you go by the provided lineups for your formation analysis?

    inquisitive871 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Tottenham deserve to play in "The Championship" not EPL and absolutely not champion's league…

    M P 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Even the coach said that it was pretty easy to defeat Mourinho's Spurs

    Pakistan Zindabad 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Tottenham were playing without a striker.mou will proove himself at the tottenham.he Will come nd conquer.

    Bubay Karmakar 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Very informative analysis, thanks! Leipzig had very good combinational play and past through Spurs' pressing easily. I believe Spurs wasn't quite comfortable in pressing high and that left them exposed at the back at times. It seemed like Spurs' Lb wasn't very comfortable in going forward to provide width which made it hard for them to penetrate.

    Sake 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • No, Mourinho doesn't need Kane, Son, Moura and Eriksen to organise his team defensively. Leipzig are an intense side. They move together. Tottenham are just way too loose, with too much space between their defensive and midfield lines. They don't press as a whole. They don't even try to build up some passes to "rest" a little bit. Players are scared of falling. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Mourinho is becoming somewhat irrelevant in today's football

    TwelveAngryMonkeys 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Naggelsman is a next genius… Football tactics will be different in 3-4 years… Naggelsman will be the pioneer…

    Angga Fuse 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Sacking Poch was a mistake, he manage to make it to ucl final last year and also beating real madrid. While Mou couldn't even beat Leipzig…

    Ozymandias 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • I feel Mou has been hard done by injuries to Kane & Son and selling of Llorente.

    daanish dan 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Mourinho is so washed

    FRITIDSchef 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Mourinho is done. If Levy is as smart as many spurs fan want you to believe, he'll sack him and reset his club with a new upcoming manager next summer.

    array s 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • great tactician , and his players are more athletic & dynamic , which is rare for a lot of teams

    OFFICIALK4MO 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • We saw the game, ffs.

    Tony Lawlor 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Hey Football made simple.
    Can you please do a tactical analysis of Gasperini's tactics at Atalanta? This guy's team is insane

    Khaled Abu Omar 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • https://pilkarska-pasja.blogspot.com/
    Myślę, że duży wpływ na odpadnięcie Tottenhamu miał brak w składzie Sona i Kane'a. Są to podstawowi piłkarze tego klubu, którzy mają dużą wartość dla tego zespołu

    Waldemar Drost 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Great vid, perfectly encapsulated the problems Spurs had all game. I feel like this ucl is going to have plenty of giant slayers and upsets

    Doorknob _ 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Unlucky Spurs without their stars Kane and Son, else result wont be 3-0

    raywonchino 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Soundtrack source please??

    SamChik 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • I feel so sorry for spurs, i could see how hard lucas, alli and lo celso were trying to get a goal but due to some other shit players, nothing was going their way. If i was mourinho, i would have used Parrot after the half time…

    AshTron 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • It's unfortunate that Spurs had lost most of their key players in attack except Moura but Leipzip deserve all the credit they played better nonetheless

    Obukohwo Ogheneakpobo 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Tottenham should get a key player from Leipzig. They should get Nagglesman 🙂

    Vandit Panvelkar 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Jose " the outdated one " Mourinho

    Andrew Santos 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Superior tactics? You think Mourinho didn't know how to beat them? It's not rocket science, we lost the competition when we lost 1-0 at home, 24 hours after son got injured and after playing 4 games in 12 days.
    Btw, I would appreciate it if you make a video about the impact of high block pressing approach on the severity of injuries. I am sure that will tell us why Tottenham players got injured this year after a hard season last year.

    Amirreza Shamsehkohan 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • The formation you showed is wrong ! Tottenham didn't use a back 3

    DD Kay 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Nagelsmann is inspired by Mou,but he modernized his tactics

    Ich bin der Jochen 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Well to be honest, to everyone saying that Spurs play like shit. Are you all suprised? No Kane, Son, Bergwijn. They don't have single one of front 3 regular starters. Take out Mane Salah and Firmino of Pool. Are they the same quality? Not even close. Other thing is that Tottenham has more problems like fullbacks and no solid DM, but lack of proper striker and 2 best goalscorers who are crucial doesn't make things easier…

    Bartek Bielski 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • It just doesn't work for Spurs to go long when there's no target man in front. Their counter attack is nullified too, with the counter pressing and the fact that Leipzig's center backs dealt with Moura's pace so well. They just lacked attacking threat, while Leipzig look like scoring every time they're in final third. The midfield's also dominated all over by Leipzig. Not a Spur fan, but it was painful to watch, considering this team went heroically to the final last year.

    Champ Parin 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Jose is finished

    Gillet Abdi 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • You're a moron.

    Rory Gallagher 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Good analysis, Tottenham's problem wasnt so much made by Leipzigs tactics, more a problem with confidence on the ball from the spurs defenders and sloppy passing into the midfield areas. This gave Leipzig the opportunity to keep on the front foot for most of the match. Leipzig pressed high but if spurs had more accuracy in short to medium passing range they would have broken through the high press numerous times and possibly been in 3 v 3 situations with Leipzigs defenders more times than they were. RB Leipzig have a great understanding and fluidity which I cannot deny and the better team won comfortably by playing the way they did. I believe Leipzig could have a very good run in the UCL. I think they could give Barcelona alot of problems tactically if they play them in the next round.

    Atomic Spurs fan 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Atalanta tactics plz!

    Tanush Guha 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • this champions league night eas absolute magic, in part for this match, but for the majority thanks to Giampiero Gasperini and his ATALANTA (and Ilicic) , doing bits as a newcomer to the competition, a video about their tactics would be FANTASTIC

    Dave Vio 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • We can see how much Tottenham are missing Kane

    ROHAN JARIWALA 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply
  • Tottenham were playing without any striker

    Achyut Dvivedi 14/03/2020 17:47 Reply

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