Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson infected with coronavirus in Australia l GMA

The actor announced that he and his wife both had cold-like symptoms and got tested for the novel coronavirus. Both are now in isolation in Australia.


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  • I hope they die with the virus wicked pedophile!

    Molly Rivers 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • It was a stupid fake, an ordinary PR move (people all over the world worry about the most beloved AMERICAN actor at a old age). …. And in the end he survives, everyone rejoices and the panic subsides … like a virus is not very dangerous for the elderly. Fake that you all picked up … poor people, you yourself are victims of American propaganda, no believe everything !!

    Wilson 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • if tom hanks died today it will be good for the environment

    james gandolfini 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • I hear it's a cover up from his arrests for child trafficking stuff…

    paul coggeshall 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Very smart way to escape the USA. And believe me I adored him as an actor. Don't believe anything the are telling you in the news the are taking instructions by the government globally.

    Christina Greece 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Zero f&$@s given

    Disco Kakula 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Bullshit he was arrested!!! More to come

    Robert Parker 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • I hear they have been arrested. Pedophilia. Watch all those in high places who claim they have it and most of us don't know anyone who really has it. Deep state players are going down. Don't the Pope have it ? Haha

    Winsome Smith 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Actors.. part of the plan..🛑

    Ernie Rz 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply

    1TWO-3 4Lite 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • I'm begining to believe that the claim that Tom Hanks and his wife actually have the corona virus is bullshit. Unless there is a video out there where Tom Hanks himself says he has the virus, it's all just fake propaganda so that journalists can profit with false information. 🤨

    Black Shark 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • This guide can help you! It explains what Carina does en what you can do to fight against it!!

    Peach-art 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • That’s what you get for living in a airport he should of stayed alone on the island

    Cranky Rebate 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Pedo Creeper

    C. Noble 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • If Hollywood survives the Virus it should think about a movie like "Saving Ton Hanks from a badly handled American made Bio Weapon that was supposed to hit only the Chinese".
    How clumsy!

    AcidBot66 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • I hope they recover soon.

    Chiin Ngaihte 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Say hi to Kappy!

    funniful 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • rip . he died an hour ago

    JOHN MASTERSON 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • This is a lie. this demon along with many others are accused of being pedophiles. So they are hiding out in their pedo compound afraid of being arrested and the real truth coming out about their nasty asses. I'm sure he is a head seat on the pedophilia ring that is being exposed world wide.

    Shadow Ridge 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Don't worry people there rich the hospitals won't let them die 🙄

    B.Roberts 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Hey lady in blue death dnt give a f@#ck about being high profile even da Pope or the da president will open da door when death come knocks

    Bozza 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Does corona virus penetrates on riptilians?

    Serpent Seed black mamba the end of days 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • She couldn't wait to meet everyone, I bet she regrets it now.

    Beth Marie 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Tom Hanks feeling good let me an my wife take a needed bed for critical patient when they can isolate in a hotel room ridiculous tells u what I’m so famous put me in hospital for round clock treatment I do t need. Lost me as a fan forever so entitled mfs..!!

    D Walte 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Who cares about celebrity crying babies. Hanks and his wife testing positive for coronavirus??? Who gives a crap abc?? You? What's next? When they take a piss? Get real!

    Myra Ida 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • 共濟會

    Angel 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • I call BULLSHIT! Show the test results!

    And even if they do, they are "doing great"! Wtf is all the hubbub about?

    Those with underlying health issues and the elderly need to take precautions, the rest should care less!

    The fucking media is lying and hyping this up!!!!

    AL Can 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • I wonder if Movie Studios will stop making movies since there is lots of people that make a movie. I was looking forward to watching a new release on March 20, 2020 but the movie has been postponed until June. I would guess, the virus spread would be worse by then. I wish New Movies, would be for rent on Amazon so I could pay up to $40 to watch.

    Lyn R 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply

    RUBICUNDUS ERATIUDAS 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Soo basically we need to kill all bats after this

    9989 Official 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • They new about this but They still over there too fiIm ..stupid

    danielle perry 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply
  • Poor rich people oh!! They will spend 3 millions $ to get treated here you go .

    Patrice Longchamps 21/03/2020 09:04 Reply

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