Tom Hanks Shares Photo From Quarantine With Rita Wilson After Coronavirus Diagnosis | PeopleTV

“We have Covid-19 and are in isolation so we do not spread it to anyone else,” the actor wrote in his health update.
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Tom Hanks Shares Photo From Quarantine With Rita Wilson After Coronavirus Diagnosis | PeopleTV


  • DOD bar code upper right of frame

    PottedJam 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Check the door frame on the door behind them, military barcode on the frame, no hotel. Note the number of actors, sports persons, models claiming isolation, notbthey are top in the careers and you do not get there unless your allowed to and paid the price and your owned.

    Scott Aubrey 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • soon

    LUKE 8:17 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • lmfao. bullshit. "hanx" really needs to chill on his obnoxious freemasonic occult brotherhood little song and dance. covid is BUNK. time to wake up.

    Legal Fiction Natural Fact 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Military barcodes on doors…….🤷‍♂️. Interesting. Where are they ???

    matanuska high 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Wow what happened to his whole movie crew?

    C MW 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Let me know when a rich celebrity dies from it! All the ones who have it are experiencing “mild symptoms” Tom Hanks is in his 60’s with Type 2 Diabetes. Thats supposed to be deadly for diabetics, Yet Hanks’ symptoms are mild? And we’re not supposed to believe that rich people get better care than poor people!

    1958yankeefan 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • These "MOVIE STARs" sure look like the picture of health to have a "DEADLY DISEASE" is this real…. C'mon

    ACID TRIP 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Dude got detained in Australia for diddling. Get ready america. Evil ass Hollywood is going down

    Mr Tiesman 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • You think when Tom comes home and Rita is not there is screams Willsonnnnnnnn. Lol. I would if I was him. 😂

    Vince Black 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Trust in Jesus !

    Jesse Taylor 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Jenny!

    Prison Mike 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • They say he is getting arrested for being a Pedophile

    nichelle delaine-rust 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • God bless Tom Hanks. I love that dude.

    Beau Remington 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • The Coronavirus is not welcome in this neighborhood.

    harryblackbeard 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Tom be careful you Agreed there is Child Pedophilia in Hollywood!!!! Be Well Soon!

    Shannon Valery 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • No updates STILL. Uh huh 🤨😒

    Aquarius Inyourface 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • Willlsooon will son willson

    John Sterio 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • If tom Hanks got the Coronavirus vaccine shot? He may be DOMED it is a population control from the ANTI-CHRIST EXTRATERRESTRIAL'S 👽 Govement. Five G towers are the Culprit not the Coronavirus. 5 G tower's are designed too radiating and microwave the public too illness and death…. They will QUARTIN YOU it starting too happen every wear you've been WARNED☣🥵🤒😰😵 ☠☢

    Erick Campbell 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply

    ron frey 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” Well codv19 I got momma

    loky ink 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply
  • LMAO. Fakery at its finest!

    Lisa M. 26/03/2020 04:51 Reply

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