Where Is Kim Jong-un? How Experts Track North Korea’s Leader | NYT News

Rumors are swirling about Kim Jong-un’s location and health. These North Korea experts showed us how they collect information about his secretive regime.

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  • Hi all, I am one of the reporters who worked on this video.

    With so many rumors circulating about Kim Jong-un, we didn't want to add more speculation. Instead, we wanted to explore what North Korea experts and observers are doing to keep track of developments in this secretive country.

    Direct access for independent observers such as journalists is highly restricted in North Korea. So what can be done? First, there are satellite images to track motorcades, trains, planes, or ships. This technology also allows us to look at activity at the residences of Kim Jong-un.

    Further, experts also look at state broadcasts for new visuals of Kim Jong-un, and keep an eye on unusual flight or military activities.

    None of these tools provide a magic bullet to figure out exactly what's going on in real time. As one of the experts told me, it's important to rely on multiple sources and to not jump to conclusions.

    If you are interested to see more about how we and others use new technologies and traditional reporting to conduct investigations of closed countries such as North Korea, check out these stories:

    Christoph Koettl 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Everyone : Where is Kim Jong-un
    God : watching Kim clutching the gulag

    Apple Sauce 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Ok so basically NYT has no idea

    Adam Charlton 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • https://youtu.be/fQC4HqWjK08
    That's so funny😂😂❤❤❤

    Hoda El-Sayed 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Now is the time for a hostile take over of that country.

    Nonomous 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • "Kim Jong Il's illness"

    I spot a pun

    Rikson-exe 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • In North Korea, heart surgeon, number 1

    Eric Burt 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Why is he the the only Minion in the house that looks like he eats all the donuts?

    D DiVita 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • He’s dumbfounded by the chem trails above. Time to get indoors. 😂

    Mr Fixit Bass NM 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • come with me

    Irfan Fitness Hubs 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Russia should take back the keys.

    Derek Gleeson 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • I’m actually so confused. RIP Kim Jong Un was trending on twitter, I see what it’s about and everyone is just joking around. I go on sky news and there is nothing on there?? What is going on?? 😂

    Joshua Pevy 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • CCP killed Kim Jong Un.

    Freeman 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Kim Jong-un is following in his father's foot steps now. His new name now is Kim Jong-illl 😵😵

    Susu Susu 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • his sister will take over. and she's ruthless

    Rian Deypalubos 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Why do we care so much where kim is hangin out

    Chad Carson 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • If Kim is dead, dont blame James Franco or Seth Rogon

    Zak Simey 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Hello hug my channel again I hug you too

    Analyn Monton 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Being the star that he thinks he is I imagine that Kim will swell up like a red giant then implode to a white dwarf then just disappear up his black hole.

    Dory anthus 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Everyone is asking where is "Kim Jong-un" but no one is asking where I s Waldo

    Susu Susu 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Kim Jong Un reappeared at a funeral of his subordinates: https://youtu.be/8vHgZylbojU

    News 24h 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Journalists: Here is how we track Kim's movements.

    North Korean Government: Write that down!! Write that down!! Write that down!!

    Taseen Noman 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • white people can't mind their own business huh?

    kingazoz x-x99 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • He went to the middle of the earth to chill with the reptilian man gods till this rona shyt ova

    stephan jackson 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • His in gulag right now

    Eric Cardinal 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • So… Bill Hader is North Korea expert now?

    aireqi9 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • It's fun to imagine that someone assassinated him or he died suddenly and they're rushing to do plastic surgery on a body double so he can do a couple appearances before gracefully ceding power to his sister or be replaced completely.

    Doc Julien 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Probably under ground in a secret chamber of luxury, evading the coronavirus 😕

    sky scan 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • 🐷

    Mutsugoroo〆 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • He's in a hotel room with some hookers and blow. 😁😝

    Hugh Caires 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Everyone he knows is practising there crying

    Paige Gallagher 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • He is alive and well! Just taking social distancing to a whole different level.

    SHARIS / 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • U.S- Is kim jong un dead??
    North korea- yesn't

    PROBLEM SOLVER 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Is that Bill Hader?

    oO dOdY75 Oo 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Little rocket man was riding on the back of one of his rockets, BYYEEEEEeeeeee…….

    oO dOdY75 Oo 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
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    منوعات 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Just leave him alone

    Jade Moreno 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Me: "Hey babe just got out of work I'll be home at like 9"

    9:01: Looks at driveway and sees I'm not there

    My girlfriend and her friends: Using drones, satellite imagery and equations to make up theories about how I am with another girl

    DevilDog 1999 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • Must have caught AIDS from Dennis Rodman.

    Mine Finder 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • coffin dance

    Corbin Moore 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
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    Refka Alvin 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
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    Johnny Testo 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply
  • He’s self isolating like everybody else lol

    muhammad halim 27/04/2020 20:25 Reply

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