Will Bonanza Dropshipping Work?

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  • Hey Tyler so sorry about Ebay, but I'm happy that you are rebounding so quickly. I'm still sticking with you because I think you are good at whatever you put your mind to… Speaking of putting your mind to it – I hope you are going to pivot into affiliate marketing as well because it can be so lucrative. You have a loyal audience, and so many of us will follow you with or without Ebay. You could be the next Pat Flynn! On another note, you gotta love Charlotte 🐶 the dead cat (windsock) bandit…

    luxurycardstore 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • eBay loves Chinese drop shippers hates everyone else keep your chin up Tyler keep trying

    pof1991 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • eBay Amazon Shopify bonanza , gotta dominate all

    Thai Nguyen 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Bonanza has little traffic. Check their investment report Tyler, I know your a finance major. (:

    Riley Timson 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Respect, glad you keepin it 100 about the ebay thing.. grind is grind 9-5 or a laptop.. respect all hustles

    Commute Hustler 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Yay!

    Faster Quicker 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Sorry for you tyler, but If you already have the resources, why do you keep trying to do dropshipping, when everyone knows that the real ticket is in PL?

    Rafael Santiago Toro 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Bonanza ! 😂😁😁😁😂 Seriously ? I gotta see this ! I hope you crack the code. Who knows , you might bring it back ? We will see.

    LILITHS LAIR 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • please record this journey and share it with us pls
    that would be so awesome tyler
    want to join the ride(on bonanza)

    cOnfidential cOrp 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • How about Walmart?

    Hazem IA 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • I am praying for you because you are a genuine person who helps others so God will be with you and I hope you crush Ebay with stealth account and make more sales than ever before

    Mohammd Bilal yousaf 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • You could try mercari but it would need to be done manually.

    Noah Mincis 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • ok. I did not watch the video but let me just give you a heads up. I have been drop shipping on ebay for 7 years and for about 2 years I drop shipped on Bonanza. Dsgenie was actually made to drop ship on bonanza also. Bonanaza's only advantage was the fact that they used to rank better than ebay in google but since they changed to the "catelog based experience" all the back links from all the listings to the main "buy box" listing has not pushed all Bonanza listings down in the google search so bonanza doesnt have as many buyers or traffic anymore….peace

    No BS Dropshipping 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Tyler Please reply I need to get back on to ebay been 3/4 of a year no income . EDDDD1@aol.com Need to find out how to get past SSN requirements etc. Thanks

    Ed 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Tyler Please reply I need to get back on to ebay been 3/4 of a year no income . EDDDD1@aol.com Need to find out how to get past SSN requirements etc. Thanks

    Ed 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • woohoo bonanza time!

    Drew 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Really cool you checking out something new. Excited to follow your progress. Gonna look at Bonanza also!

    Mike Perkin 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • They gonna get that Ass there too😂😂

    Pip Star 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Good job, Tyler. Bonanza is so wonky. I got ok sales on Bonanza on the 9% plans and I only had a couple thousand listings. I really didn't think it would be worth it to pay for repricing compared to sales.

    Pamela B. 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • What is private label dropshipping. I've heard of private label but how so you drop ship it? Does the manufacturers do that or what

    Footage 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Bonanza doesn't get enough traffic. Had things on there for months before they sold.

    Footage 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Tyler! So proud of you for pulling yourself up by the boot straps and taking on something different, and so quickly! I wasn’t sure how long you would let this “keep you down”. We need you now more than ever, to help see us through any potential storms eBay might throw at us. Thanks for keeping on keeping on my friend! You ROCK!

    Carmin Laurens 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • IMported all my ebay shit to bonanza before but got 0.0001 percent of the sales i did with ebay

    LoFi Radio 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply
  • Good luck…really its heartbreaking to hear that ebay banned you …
    We really dont know what happens to Ebay for a friend of mine they banned him without any explanation. ..he called them they say you are banned and we cant give more infos
    its a descrimination really
    we hope that ebay revise itself before sellers escape to other platforms (mistakes are human ….scamming yes no discussion about that ….but mistake about tracking or something human …they should understand people. …)
    good luck really we hope bonanza will be another good super alternative

    stay for good 10/05/2020 06:07 Reply

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